The article that i am analyzing told about several stories involving children with diabetes and their problems they’re having in class. I believe that this article has a few specific audiences that it is aiming toward.

The first audience that this article is for, would all schools, from Elementary to High Schools. The article is telling of how some schools allow children with Type I diabetes to test their blood sugar levels in class, while others do not. I think the the author is trying to tell schools that it is very important to allow children to check their own blood sugar levels. This is emphasized since no blood stays secure and away from other students. The author states that, “The procedure, done in seconds, uses a retracting, pen-like instrument, and the blood is caught in a plastic container.” This only further shows schools how easy and safe the life-saving procedure is and that all schools should look into making this available for students.

The other audience that the author is talking to are the parents of children with diabetes. The author shares stories of other families who have diabetic children and how they deal with the problems their schools give to their children. She is telling parents that if a school is making their child’s daily routine a hassle, then they have the right to speak up and do something about it.

This author does a very good job of being specific with her audiences and getting her point across to them.