Peggy McCarthy’s, “Dealing With Diabetes in School” is a short newspaper article about how schools are treating children with Type I Diabetes. In this article she uses stories from Connecticut families and what schools have done in order to either make their child’s life easier or more complicated.

She starts out by telling her readers of how one child, Catherine Agonis, was unable to attend a school field trip due to her disability. The school said that since there were no teachers on the trip that knew how to deal with Diabetes, that Catherine would have to stay home. Well of course Catherine’s family fought this and eventually her stepfather was granted permission to attend the field trip with the class in order to help Catherine.

McCarthy also writes of how school officials are defending themselves due to school policies. Some schools do not allow children to test their blood sugar in class, which McCarthy feels is unjust. She tells of how some school board members say its just about the school policy of blood and bodily fluids in the open, however no blood will be exposed to anyone with the procedure. Those schools with that policy against the simple procedure in class are making the children go to the nurse’s office which makes the children fall behind in classes. Also, those diabetic children will stand out from their peers by always having to leave. This may make the lives of those specific children painful for reasons that other children might think of them as “different” or weird”.

All in all, this article defends diabetic children and their needs.