In Ira Josephs’ article “Off the Course, a Mission to Find a Cure for Diabetes,” we learn about a high school senior, Angela Koerper who struggles with Juvenile Diabetes. The article tells of how Angela is taking steps to help with a cure for the disease she carries.

Angela takes part in the JDRF’s (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) annual Walk to Cure Diabetes. This will be here 6th year taking part in the walk. She was diagnosed with diabetes whenever she was 11 years old.  So far, Angela has helped raise $50,000 with her team that she walks with.

Koerper plays on her high school’s golf team, and just happens to be one of the captains. The article tells of how her diabetes can really affect her game play. Whenever her blood sugar is really high, she can’t concentrate very well and she doesn’t play well either. When Angela keeps her disease under control, her scores really show it. Although she has this distracting disease, her teammates agree that Angela’s commitment to both her disease and golf are inspiring. Angela keeps her cool and control over her blood sugar. She is truly an inspiration.