Ira Josephs points his article toward students or even student-athletes who live with diabetes, and also toward the general public of Philadelphia. Josephs uses these two audiences in order to both praise Angela and to inspire students to be like her.

Ira wanted to show other diabetic students how it is possible to be successful while dealing with the disease. He did this by the use of a real life example. He described how Angela was responsible for her body, and also how her determination is pushing her to help find a cure for diabetes.

Josephs also wanted to show the public of Philadelphia the quality of Angela Koerper and how much she achieved just as a high school student. I think that Ira felt that this young girl remarkable so he wrote about all the intelligent things she has done with her disease.

I feel very strongly that Ira Josephs got his point across both audiences. It showed me how impressive and responsible Angela is. Other students should be able to achieve similar goals, especially if they dont have Diabetes. Its all about responsibility.