This picture above is an add in a magazine for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. In this picture, the author uses logos to get his or her point across. The author is trying ti make the reader feel sympathetic toward the young child in the picture.
First off, the author uses logos by having the print at the type of the page and the bottom. The author informs the readers of how many insulin shots the young girl will have to give herself daily, which is the maximum possible amount. The little girl has to give herself at most 6 shots a day of insulin. For anyone, that is well above average that any human should have to go through. The author depends on these statistics to make the author feel sympathetic and to possibly donate money to his or her charity who he or she supports, which is the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International, located in the bottom right corner of the page.
The text at the top of the page is written in white and boldly due to its importance. The author wants the readers to know how much difficulty this little girl is going to go through at such a young age. This again is hinting toward donating to find a cure so this young child can live a healthy normal life.