Just as the author of this picture used logos to get his or her point across, the author also uses pathos to appeal to the readers.

The author chose to use a sad little girl be in the picture in order to win over the audience. The sad young girl will most likely make the readers feel very sympathetic. This is exactly what the author wants on order to get the audience to hopefully give donations to save the little girl’s life. The girl is not smiling which makes the audience think that she is very sad. Also, she is just staring right at the audience as if she herself is asking for help with her disease. In addition, the author had the girl pose with her hand under her chin for the reason of how it makes her look more innocent and again, sad.

The author of this picture also choses words very carefully in the text. The way the large text under the picture is written, makes the audience feel helpless about the disease in which this girl suffers from. The texts says, “just to stay alive”. This makes the audience again feel sympathetic and yet again aiding to the author’s goal.