The author was targeting a wide variety of audiences when he or she posted this picture. I feel that the author was aiming towards, parents, those with diabetes, and just the public in general.

The author chose a child in order to get the attention of parents. By putting a sad child in the picture, it really hits hard with parents because they do not like to see their children sad, so they wouldn’t want to see other children sad either. I think that parents were the main target for this image, however there were still other main target audiences as well.

The second audience the author was aiming toward, were those with diabetes. This image and text were most likely in a diabetic magazine, so the readers were most likely a majority of diabetics.  Also, most diabetics who came across this ad would pay more attention once they read the text since it involves them as well.

The final target audience was the general public. This ad os open to anyone who purchased the magazine in which it was released. The author was hoping that the picture would hot hard with anyone who felt sympathetic toward the picture, so that obviously could be anyone who saw the ad.