The author of this article, Karen Kaplan, is targeting a specific audience with her writing, and that is the diabetic community. She is trying to provide information not known to many about hope. This potential cure gives hope to all of those who suffer from diabetes, which directly plays into hope Karen uses pathos. She is giving fuel to the emotions of the readers, by giving them hope, no matter how ridiculous sounding it is.

I also believe that Karen may also feel that the proposed treatment is confusing. I think that by the way she words her description of the treatment she doesn’t fully understand the concept. So, she uses very simple language, not sophisticated scientific wording that a professional might use. This part of her writing ties into how Karen is showing her ethos. However much she cares about the disease, she still isn’t very scientific and it shows by how she phrases he descriptions.

Finally, Karen obviously displays logos throughout the article. She gives specific information on who is researching what information, and who is performing experiments. She also gives the names of all of the drugs and cells used in the treatment.