Vanessa De  Groot, tells of a 10 year old girl, Rebecca who is diabetic and her 15 year-old brother Jacob, who is not diabetic. She starts out by telling the audience of the little girl’s daily routine, involving 6 insulin shot and multiple finger pricks. Vanessa is appealing to audience’s pathos by making them feel sympathetic toward the young girl (could sympathy be a re-occuring theme possibly??). Rebecca’s brother Jacob recently found out he is at high risk for acquiring Type I diabetes as well. Since Jacob has the antibodies in his blood, he has a 1 in 30 percent chance that he will get this disease.

In order to try and avoid being stricken with diabetes, Jacob plans to participate in a clinical trial hosted by the JDRF which will test a vaccine to prevent diabetes. The trial vaccine is given in the form of a nasal spray. By doing this, researchers and scientists believe that the body will accept insulin as a “friendly and foreign substance”. Vanessa finishes her writing by telling the audience that there is currently no proven way to prevent Type I Diabetes. This tells the reader scientists are doing everything imaginable in order to fight diabetes. It gives hope, which yet again plays into ethos toward the readers.