Here is an ad sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Personally i am very moved by this photo. The photo includes a white male who according to the text, lives with Type I Diabetes. The model in the ad is rather thin and doesn’t look very healthy seeing as you can see his ribs. The picture is also in black and white giving it a more depressing tone. The text on the side of the man tells the audience of how many needles he will have to insert in himself if he wants to live to the life of the average lifespan for someone his age. Underneath that text, the author writes that the model cannot wait for a cure. This pressures the audience to donate money to help this sickly man.

The author shows how well he/she uses ethos to pull the audience in to donating money. By choosing such a skinny and almost unhealthy man, the author makes the audience again feel sympathetic toward the diseased man. When the audience sees how the disease affects the man, they immediately feel bad and may want to help, which is exactly what the author wants.